Rick Bell

Profession– Retired from Chrysler Corporation in the St. Louis area after 32 years as a quality control auditor
Hobbies-bicycling, photography, target shooting & reloading (making my own bullets)
Preferred type of cycling– My favorite rides are long bike hikes usually between Conway & Vilonia. Getting out, ignoring my watch by taking it off my wrist & getting lost among the hills on a rolling country road takes me back to my teen years when my brother, cousins & I would be gone all day trying to see how far we could ride & still make it home before sundown. Biking for me is a combination of good memories, enjoying where I am no matter where I am, and seeing how far this senior body can propel itself all on its own!
Why CAB is important to me– Conway Advocates for Bicycling, working with the local town government, does the “legwork” for all bicyclists in the Conway area. We are in a constant campaign to make the association of the cyclist to the vehicle drivers a pleasant understanding that bicyclists can share the streets and roads as a compliment of transportation. Bicycles will never replace engine powered vehicles, but we would like to see more auto drivers consider biking as a means of transportation, enjoyment and accomplishment.

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